Frozen in ice









After a meeting for a freelance project, my friend Andrew and I had some spare time before heading out to supper with friends. It was the golden hour as well, the last hour of light before the sun sets, and I had my camera and felt like taking pictures. So we went exploring around his parent’s neighbourhood and I got to visit parts of Montreal I had no idea existed because they are hidden in residential areas I never go through. I love it when that happens. So we walked by a frozen lake and climbed over some low fences into this abandoned concrete building repurposed into a walking area/park? I honestly don’t know what this place is, but it was nice to explore despite being closed off for the winter. I almost slid on ice and broke my neck, but I got pretty pictures so it’s all worth it.

Coat and sweather • Salvation Army / Backpack and skirt • Zipia / Shoes • Converse / Necklace • Forever 21 / Scarf • Handmade by mum / Thanks for the pics Andrew!


  1. Lena says:

    HAHA I love how you say you almost broke your neck but since you got pretty pictures, it was all worth it X-D The feelings of a blogger! The photos are really nice and they look as if they were taken during dawn instead of dusk!

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