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Summer is finally here and Montreal is bustling with festivals and activities. During the past few weeks I visited a few of Montreal’s art and design scenes.

First there was the Chromatic festival on the esplanade of Mont Royal, a 4 day festival of art and design with different activities on each day. We visited when they were having a art exhibition inside the chalet and a mini piknic electronic dance festival overlooking downtown Montreal. However, we had to walk up the stairs to the top of the mountain on a warm sunny day. Who doesn’t like a small workout before visiting an art exhibit?

Festival Chromatic 2015




Puces Pop Spring 2015

Then there was the spring edition of Puces Pop at the Laurier Church, a gathering of local artists who set up booths to showcase and sell their work. There’s always something interesting or just incredibly adorable/amusing when I visit Puces Pop and this edition was no different. From the colourful children’s toys of desenfantillages and the funny illustrations of ponymtl, it’s always great to see such hardworking artists who are passionate about their craft. I also couldn’t help myself from getting a stayhomeclub shirt. Especially cause of the dogs.




Jardins Gamelin

And lastly, Lena suggested we visit les Jardins Gamelin, a park near UQAM that’s been redesigned into an outdoor patio space with a container bar and restaurant and a pretty cool light projection which is nice to just relax and watch at the end of the day.

Hopefully there’ll be many more design funtimes to visit this summer!



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  1. Lena says:

    The photos look so good in big format 😀 WOWOWOW! And that sharpness!

    Loving the influx of posts, please continue this blogging roll! *Pushes Adri* *Adri rolls* LOL

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