Summer’s over

20150929_End of summer_9

20150929_End of summer_8

20150929_End of summer_10

20150929_End of summer_7

20150929_End of summer_6

20150929_End of summer_5

20150929_End of summer_4

20150929_End of summer_3

20150929_End of summer_2

20150929_End of summer_1

Here are the leftover photos I had on my camera from the last 2 months until the end of summer. Showing how I tried to take advantage of as much greenery as I could from inside and out, where I accidentally colour coordinated with the buildings, admired Montreal’s street art and lounged in the sunshine, visited shops, art expos and festivals, and tried to befriend the local park wildlife. It was a good summer, but now the chill of fall has arrived and soon so will the snow. So I’ll just look at these summer photos and try not to get depressed.

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  1. Lena Panda says:

    Woot! Love these photos, especially the second one HAHA! I really like the coloring for the pictures in the Westmount Greenhouse. We have to go back and take more photos!

    Sadly summer is over but with the chilly temperature we had this year, it makes me feel as if we had an extended Spring with a couple bursts of summer heat.

    Super excited to take photos of the vibrant Fall leaves 😀 We gotta meet up when I have more time >_<

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