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Smart Design Mart



Smart Design Mart • 5505 Avenue Casgrain






This girl came to visit me from Toronto a weekend not too long ago. And as well as our usual food hunts like we did last august, we kinda felt like being artsy and visited the Smart Design Mart. This is probably my favourite design market out of the 3 I visited this holiday season. There was a lot more space to walk around and the artists were able to set up very unique and creative individual booths to set themselves apart from the rest. There was also free lemon cotton candy, and that’s always a plus in our book.

Souk @ SAT 2013



Souk @ SAT • 1201, boul Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2S6 ‎




I visited a lot of design market during the holiday season. I convinced Lena to forget about her studies for a few hours and we visited the Souk @ Société Des Arts Technologiques (SAT). Basically it’s a marketplace for artisans to showcase and sell their work. The space was filled with all kinds of handcrafted designs, like posters, light fixtures, toys, clothes, and pillows. It was really inspiring to see all the effort these artists put into their craft. And then it subtlety reminded me that I haven’t crafted in months. I guess that’s what a full time job does to your schedule. Thank goodness I’m on vacation in 2 days!

Les minutes



Visited Les Minutes with fellow motion designer friends and was thoroughly amused by their balloon setup for the screening. Saw some inspiring visuals and I feel really motivated to have fun with motion design. I ended up taking a few balloons to gift to a friend since it was her birthday that same night. I lost 2 of them on the way as they floated up into the sky. Then my night ended with a hunt for nachos at midnight with friends. I ended up with a panini though.  Thankfully, it satisfied my hunger.