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Little Lion



Recently, I crafted for the first time since the summer. I needed a gift for my cousin and I’m good at making things. She likes lions and dolphins so I had to pick between the two. I kinda wish I did a dolphin cause I think it would have been less time consuming. Less limbs and all. But I’m really happy with how my little felt lion turned out. His ears were a little too long though so I chopped off a bit right before giving it to her. Now he looks like a proper lion instead of a mouse trying to pass for a lion.

My neighbor Totoro in my pocket




Took me about two and a half hours to make but it was so worth it. I didn’t have any grey felt thought so he’s blue, and I didn’t have any black so I had to stich on the nose and eyes, plus the leaf isn’t properly sowed on and will probably fall off soon, but I have to gloat for a bit now, cause my ipod cover is awesome.

A year filled with “Oui”




I saw this adorable “oui” ring on tumblr and the first thing that popped into my mind was “I can make that.” This thought actually pops into my mind often enough, but this is one of the rare times when I immediately pulled out my tools and went ahead and made it. Then again, this is probably the simplest d.i.y. jewelry I’ve ever made. Mostly cause it required only wire, one tiny rhinestone, a cutter, pliers and some glue.

I have to admit that already having specialized jewelry pliers made the craft much easier, but it’s still so simple if you take your time. It’s not exactly like the original since mine is thin wire, but I’m so happy with the end result. It’s dainty and fits perfectly on my finger.

However, I’m probably not going to wear it for the same reasons it was created by the designer. Since I didn’t know who originally came up with the “oui” ring idea when I saw the picture, I did a quick search, and turns out it’s an engagement ring from Dior  and retails at about 600$. Wow. Mine was… free, since I already had the wire and pulled out the rhinestone from a pair of unworn earrings. I’m also going to see it as a motto for the new year. Don’t deny yourself the good things, just say “oui”. Would you like another cupcake. Oui! It’s simple. I like that idea.