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DIY • Open cardigan refashion




The cardigan I wore in my last post is actually a thrift store refashion that I pretty much tried out on a whim. That’s the thing I love about thrift store refashions, I can practice my sowing skills and even if I mess up, I only lose a few dollars from the cost of the garment.

This black and beige cardigan was actually a really oversized zipped up sweater that I bought at the salvation army for 4$. The shape of it was literally a huge square. I wore it a few times before by having it unzipped and open. I would also wear a belt so that my body wouldn’t be lost in all of that fabric. But it still wasn’t quite what I wanted, so I pulled out the sowing machine and refashioned it into something that I would want to wear more often.

And that’s how I ended up with this rounded cardigan refashion. It was so easy to do, I don’t know why I didn’t bother doing it earlier. I just traced out the shaped I wanted, rounding out the bottom edge. Then folded it lengthwise so that the cut would be perfectly mirrored on both sides, cut the fabric, then sowed down the raw edges with a straight stitch. I would write a more detailed tutorial, but for this particular DIY, there really isn’t anything more I can say cause I basically didn’t plan anything and just tried it out. And thankfully it worked!

Now I have this casual rounded knit cardigan that’s still a bit oversized but drapes a lot better when I wear it. And it only cost me 4$ and took 2 hours of sowing. Two hours cause I’m still a total beginner with the sowing machine.

Red Brick Wall




White blouse and beige pants • Salvation Army / Coat • Asos / Sandal flats • Aldo / Bag • Value Village


I had a small outing on Bernard Street with Lena a while ago. She spotted this red brick wall and it became the perfect backdrop for some photos. I especially liked the little unicorn graffiti mark. The red really pops especially since I was wearing all neutrals that day. In highschool I used to own a lot of colored clothing. I used to gravitate towards clothes that were a colour I didn’t already own when I’d go shopping. But now that it’s been more than 6 years since I’ve graduated a lot has changed in the way I choose my clothing. Nowadays, I always tend to reach for neutrals, black, white and navy, but I still enjoy finding a few bright colored pieces to add to the wardrobe.

The amount of money I’m willing to spend on clothes has changed dramatically as well. Despite now having an annual salary, it would seem I’ve become even less willing to spend large amounts of clothing on everyday clothes. There are some items I’m still willing to splurge on for quality. But when I’m just itching for something new, the safest thing for my wallet is to visit second-hand stores and see how much I can get for less than 10$. This scalloped collar white blouse is so soft and was only 3$. It’s a bit too big though, but it’s always easier to cut and sew off extra fabric then to add fabric. I have so many thrift store DIYs to do, when will the rush at work end?

Thank you Lena for the photos!

7 days in Vancouver


Going on vacation to Vancouver for a week! I’m packing light for a seven day trip, or at least, I consider this light. I decided to bring one of each type of clothing since the weather forecast says the temperature is kinda all over the place in Vancouver right now. One pair of pants, one pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a denim shirt, a sweater, a cardigan, and two dresses instead of packing a skirt. With these 8 items, I can easily create 7 or more outfits without overpacking.

I have a few posts scheduled while I’m gone and will have more to share when I come back!