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It’s not that cold







I’m not the type to fiddle much with many different lenses when I go out to shoot. I tend to have that one favourite lens that I know really well so it never leaves my camera body. For the longest time, I just settled with the standard lens that came with my DSLR. But now that I’m working and can spare a bit of cash on a new lens, well, I may have splurged a bit and got myself two in the past few months. And most recently, I bought the Canon 85mm f1.8 secondhand for a pretty good price. I am incredibly indecisive when it comes to equipment. I’ve researched so much on lenses for the past year and was really excited to upgrade from my standard lens but worried it wouldn’t be the best lens for me. I’ve been eyeing the 85mm for at least 8 months. 8 months! But I finally decided to get it when I found a good deal. On top of that, I have a photography gig in May. Which will be the first time I’m ever paid to do photography. (That photoshoot with Lena doesn’t count cause they gave me kimchi instead of cash). So I figured it would be a good opportunity for me to widen my skills with different lenses.

So I tested out the lens with Lena and Lily a while ago and was able to play around with the bokeh and the perfectly timed fluffy snowfall. I was okay without my coat for the first 10 minutes but you can tell by my cheeks that it definitely wasn’t a comfortable temperature. But I didn’t feel that cold, I’m Canadian after all.

Cardigan •DIY  Salvation Army / Chiffon shirt •Small asian store / Dotted dress •H&M / Boots •Aldo / Scarf • Handmade by mum / Thanks for the pics Lily and Lena!

Frozen in ice









After a meeting for a freelance project, my friend Andrew and I had some spare time before heading out to supper with friends. It was the golden hour as well, the last hour of light before the sun sets, and I had my camera and felt like taking pictures. So we went exploring around his parent’s neighbourhood and I got to visit parts of Montreal I had no idea existed because they are hidden in residential areas I never go through. I love it when that happens. So we walked by a frozen lake and climbed over some low fences into this abandoned concrete building repurposed into a walking area/park? I honestly don’t know what this place is, but it was nice to explore despite being closed off for the winter. I almost slid on ice and broke my neck, but I got pretty pictures so it’s all worth it.

Coat and sweather • Salvation Army / Backpack and skirt • Zipia / Shoes • Converse / Necklace • Forever 21 / Scarf • Handmade by mum / Thanks for the pics Andrew!

Beverage of choice


Blue crop sweater • Forever 21 / Cream chiffon shirt • little asian store in MTL / Distressed black pants • DIY on old Old Navy jeans / Black coat • Zipia / Red knitted circle scarf • Mom’s DIY / Tan booties • Aldo / Bag • Thrift Store / Earrings • Urban Outfitters



When I hang out with Lena, pointing our camera lenses at each other after eating has become routine. So we hung out a bit outside of Arts Cafe after our brunch that day. They had their whole beverage menu written on the wall of the restaurant and I could instantly point out my beverage of choice. Good old green tea. I enjoy coffee, but I don’t drink it very often. And whenever I go to cafe and look at their menu, I can always spot the green tea first before anything else. Even when I feel like trying out something new, more often than not, I’ll just order a simple comforting green tea.

Thank you Lena for the pics!