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Beverage of choice


Blue crop sweater • Forever 21 / Cream chiffon shirt • little asian store in MTL / Distressed black pants • DIY on old Old Navy jeans / Black coat • Zipia / Red knitted circle scarf • Mom’s DIY / Tan booties • Aldo / Bag • Thrift Store / Earrings • Urban Outfitters



When I hang out with Lena, pointing our camera lenses at each other after eating has become routine. So we hung out a bit outside of Arts Cafe after our brunch that day. They had their whole beverage menu written on the wall of the restaurant and I could instantly point out my beverage of choice. Good old green tea. I enjoy coffee, but I don’t drink it very often. And whenever I go to cafe and look at their menu, I can always spot the green tea first before anything else. Even when I feel like trying out something new, more often than not, I’ll just order a simple comforting green tea.

Thank you Lena for the pics!

Autumn calls for coffee shops



Blogger coffee date with Lena and Lily!


Cobalt coat • Zipia / Red striped top • Forever 21 / Long black Skirt • Salvation Army / Black booties • H&M

Met Lena and her friend Lily for a blogger coffee date at Baobab cafe, which consisted in us gossiping about our lives away from the internet over sweets, tea and coffee. Discussing camera equipment and wishing we could magically take better pictures without spending any cash. As well as a walk in a nearby park and a race to see who could pull out their camera fastest to take pictures of each other. Yes, that last part sounds quite paparazzi like but any excuse to get out of the house and away from work is fun.

Vintage Swimming





During one of the, now rare, days that I finished on time at work, I decided to pass by the Old Wig Vintage Sale. The sale felt a lot more like an event, which was great! Many small booths representing various vintage stores in Montreal all gathered in this one swimming pool area. There was music, a snack bar, and tons of colour coordinated racks of clothes. The visual graphic designer in me was thrilled by the colour organization. I skimmed through a few racks but wasn’t really in the mood to go on a vintage hunt, especially since the prices for “vintage” and “second-hand” are very different despite the item often being pretty much the same. So the only things I ended up with were some free small dinosaur figurines, but there were quite a few nice pieces nonetheless and I could see myself going back again for a bit on inspiration, or another dinosaur figurine.