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Blooming Breakfast









Le Cafe Bloom • 1940 Rue Centre Montréal, QC H3K 1J2

Late morning saturday brunch is possibly my favourite thing to do on the weekend. Cause I get to sleep in late and wake up with all the time in the world to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Which is what ended up happening a few weeks ago when I tried out Cafe Bloom with Linda, a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Cafe Bloom is such a charming cafe. They have a mix of various elements that are different on their own but match each other perfectly. Such as the colourful tiled counter on one side of the room and an abstract black and white artwork on the other. The cafe also acts as a gallery, so the artwork changes with time. I also really enjoyed their mix of furniture, as odd as that may sound. An old classroom desk, a garden chair and a very chic modern red armchair never looked so good together.

I think we ended up spending over three hours at the cafe, enjoying a typical english breakfast and delicious breakfast bowl of greens and roasted butternut squash, and thinking back on hilarious memories of high school.

Birdie Brunch



Sparrow • 5322 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2T 1A5







Sparrow is such an adorable little place. Fresh cut flowers on every table, beautiful gold paneling on the ceiling, vintage photographs all along the back wall, and a lovely sparrow wallpaper which I forgot to photograph. This little restaurant’s decor definitely has charm, which is what always draws Lena and I to visit. The wait was long however, especially since the only day we can go out for brunch is on sundays, and it was packed. I think it took over an hour from the moment we walked through the door, till we finally got our food. We didn’t wait inside the restaurant for a whole hour, but walked around, sat on their sofa, ordered then waited for our meals at our table. It didn’t really bother us since Lena and I found even more places to visit in the area and were all camera happy once we got our table.

I really expected some good food after reading the menu though, however I have to admit, I feel that kinda fell short. Lena got pulled pork on biscuits with eggs, and I got huevos rancheros. I partly decided to get that simply because I enjoy saying “huevos rancheros”. But also because I’ve always heard about this kind of brunch meal, but never tried it. It was good, but nothing amazing. I think my favourite part of the meal was Lena’s perfectly round golden potatoes. Maybe I just picked the wrong dish and it wasn’t quite my thing. Nevertheless, I think I’ll definitely come back because I want to try their chicken and waffles… with perhaps a side of red velvet pancakes. Who am I kidding? I will be trying both in the near future.

MTL Food Adventure

So this girl called Judy from Toronto came to visit me in Montreal! She also came to explore Montreal’s food scene. 10 food spots in 3 days. We made some awesome gastronomic discoveries and had many fun shenanigans. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sometimes I couldn’t tell if she was happier to visit Montreal because she could see me, or sample the food.


Regine Cafe • 1840 Rue Beaubien Est, Montreal, QC H2G 1L6 ‎

Lovely little brunch place where we enjoyed the first meal of our 3 day food adventure. A raisin and walnut scone (which I had to pick out the walnuts cause of allergies, but that’s ok) and corn waffles with gravlax, greens and melon fruit. Savoury corn waffles. Good way to start things off.


Arepera du Plateau • 4050 Rue de Bullion, Montreal, QC H2W 2E5

Meaty delicious arepas.  My first time trying this venezuelan dish and it’s amazing avocado sauce.


Lawrence • 5201 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T 1S4 ‎

Fancy brunch at Lawrence. Full english breakfast and baked eggs. Simple recipes but quality ingredients.


Dinette Triple Crown • 6704 Rue Clark, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3E9

Fancy mac and cheese and “the big nasty”. Biscuit, fried chicken, gravy and cheese. Decadence. No regrets here. You can also take the food our for a picnic. They’ll even pack it in a basket for you!