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Visited Café St-Henri with Lena a while back. Notre-Dame street has so many interesting places yet for some reason we rarely visit that area. I’ll be passing by much more often now especially since it’s so close to my home and my job.

Remembering the warm weather




A few pics I took a while ago with Lena when we walked along the canal lachine enjoying the lovely warm weather. These pictures show such a big difference in temperature compared to the colder sporadic weather we’ve been getting recently.

What have I been up to?






It’s the summer rush at work so whenever I have free time, I do my best to go out but barely take any pictures because I just want to chill. Nevertheless, here is a random collection of photos I took during the past few weeks. I finally got to visit Café Sardine which has been added to my list of favourites, that is, as long as it isn’t packed on with people on the weekend. I also saw Woodkid free outdoor concert for the opening of the Montreal Jazz Fest and it was an amazing show. Totally worth it, despite standing near obnoxiously loud people. Who discuses about their friend’s Facebook posts in the middle of a concert? And finally, we celebrated Lena’s birthday with mega sparklers! I burnt my thumb while trying to shield the flame of our only  lighter from the wind. But that’s ok. Happy 23rd birthday Lena!

I have a lot of personal projects to finish up in the month of august, but I’ll do my best to stop by the blog during this last month of summer.