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Awkward yet adorable









I had a mini photoshoot with Lena and her “monkey”. They wanted some pictures together and I happily obliged! I feel so much more comfortable behind the lens and the photoshoot itself was a lot of fun. We couldn’t stop laughing trying to figure out what kind of poses do couples do during photoshoots, until I realized, why should they try and imitate what others do if it doesn’t work for them? They’re not really the type of couple who are openly romantic, so a lot of the shots made them feel really embarrassed and thus looked awkward. So I encouraged them to just be themselves. Take off the jacket that was suffocating the boyfriend and just let loose. Jump, dance, act in any way they normally do together, and those shots ended up being my favourites cause it reflects they’re personalities so well: dorky and adorable.

I also may have gone a bit overboard with the colour grading, but I’m happy with this batch of edits. Editing the colours really helped to brighten up the images and cover up the fact that it was a cloudy rainy day when we shot in the Old Port. I’m really enjoying this little photoshoot and colour editing hobby.

All of these photos were taken with a Canon XSI and the EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens. I also edited everything with Photoshop CS5.

Black Lead Type



Even though my graduation exposition already passed, I still have one last class to do before I get my little piece of paper proving that I finally finished university. But that’s okay. I took an intensive letterpress course and I’m really enjoying it, despite the lead type leaving my fingers black by the end of the day. I’ll show you the results when the project will be finished on saturday!

After the Snow






To put it shortly, it’s been freezing in Montreal for the past two weeks. So here’s a follow-up to my awesome winter coat thrift find, now in the snowy environment. Switched my green fringe scarf for my knitted red infinity, yet again from my mum, and added my ultra cozy mittens that I got from a random store in Toronto. My coat is doing well and keeping me warm in -25 degree celcius weather. Thankfully, it’s warming up in the next few days. But knowing Montreal and it’s unpredictable weather, I won’t be taking off this coat till the end of March.

Thank you Lena for the pics!