From Canada

I like to climb mountains







I went hiking at the Parc National du Bic and the Parc National de la GASPÉSIE with the parents this past weekend. Haven’t hiked with them since I was a kid. It’s funny how the roles feel reversed now that I’m an adult. I kept worrying about them whenever they felt too tired or didn’t look where they were going and would trip. It made me realize how different an experience hiking can be with your family compared to your friends. But I only have one goal in either case. Which is to get as high as I can and see the best views there is to offer. And I think I did pretty good on this trip.

We also encountered two moose with very different personalities. One stared us down for a good 2 minutes either curious of us or thinking of ramming our car, but the second was just startled and started running in the opposite direction the instant it saw us, rather ungracefully which made it all the more amusing.

Weekend getaway in TO




First brunch of the weekend at Lady Marmalade • 898 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1J3 ‎





Visiting an old friend and enjoying some sweets at Nadège Patisserie • 780 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J ‎



Too many cool things to see at Magic Pony • 680 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E5




Brunch no2 at Lisa Marie • 638 Queen St. Toronto, ON M4M ‎

A friend of mine thought it’d be a good idea to go to Toronto. A week later we were on a bus on our way there. I usually much prefer plan for trips in advance. But I’ve travelled to Toronto so many times, it doesn’t seem to make a difference wether I plan what to do ahead of time. Sometimes it’s best to travel without any specific destination, that way you don’t have to worry about schedules and discover things as you go. And then again, this girl lives there and it’s always lovely to see her.

And so my weekend basically consisted of walking, eating and meeting up with friends. Obviously, my Toronto girl Judy had many suggestions of places for us to eat. And her choices didn’t disappoint. Huevos Migas at Lady Marmalade and pad thai fries at Lisa Marie. Quite delicious. I also had one of the best macaroons I’ve ever had at Patisserie Nadège Patisserie where an old friend works. Unsurprisingly for my design friends and I, one of our favourite stops was Magic Pony. I think I’ve visited this place every single time I’ve come Toronto, and can’t help looking at all their quirks and sparkles.

I spent barely two days in Toronto and the bus ride was really uncomfortable, but it was the best thing I needed to get away from work and I only wish I could do it more often.

Conquering the Chief












The reason I spontaneously wanted to have my precious vacation time in Vancouver. Nothing beats standing at the top of a mountain surrounded by breathtaking views after pushing your body to the limit to get there. I can’t decide wether the hike to the top of the Chief was harder than when I did Huangshan in China. Nevertheless, this mountain was definitely difficult since I was in pain for a whole week. As the sign reads at the beginning of the trail, which I missed and only saw after getting back down: This is not a walk in the park.

And how true that is. Halfway up is fairly ok, steep roads and many stairs. But it’s when you reach the part of the mountain that requires you to actually climb with your whole body is when you know it’s getting tough. Tough as in pulling yourself up with ladders and chains, following rugged trails that seem to lead you into the forest, having to grab onto trees and rocks or anything to keep you balanced, when getting back down is as difficult as getting up the mountain. That’s what the Chief is, but it was entirely worth it. I took my time, refused any help, and made it to the top.

There really is this overwhelming sense of euphoria when you reach the top of a mountain, and that was the highlight of my trip.