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A few things about Paris…

  • There is so much to see in Paris that it’s well worth it to give yourself more than a few days to visit everything.
  • The metro system is confusing but you get a hang of it. Just make sure your ticket is stamped, is for the right area, and that your boarding the correct train. Just check the screens located on the platforms for the right information.
  • Paris is unfortunately overpriced, like no sales section and high end brands. But there’s so much shopping that can be done for any taste, one just has to look.
  • Chateaux Versailles and it’s gardens are beautiful, just don’t go on a monday cause the castle itself is closed.
  • Take a boat ride on the Seine and see all the monuments at night when the lights are lit. You can also try and count the number of kissing couples sitting along the water. Mind you, there’s too many.
  • Yes, there are waiting lines for nearly everything, but the typical Paris attractions are still worth seeing despite all the tourists or how cheesy it is. The view from the eiffel tower is gorgeous, just go at later hours to avoid the crowd. The Louvre is huge so pick and choose what you’d like to see and get ready to fight to get a close look at Mona Lisa.
  • There are apparently 1000 pixel arts all over Paris done by street artist Invader. I could only find 5.
  • You have to try either a French macaroon, croissant or crepe. It’s a must.