From USA

Up on the Highline


Back in November I took a very quick 2 day trip to New York. It was shortly after I officially went freelance and only a week after turning 25. I was no longer working 9 to 5 and wanted a little break to clear my head before starting my new unpredictable work schedule. I went on my own and the amount of time I spent in New York lasted no more than 36 hours. I didn’t do a lot of sightseeing since it was my second trip to there. All I wanted to do was take it easy and visit streets that were completely unknown to me. So I walked… SO MUCH. One thing to know about me is that my favourite way of exploring a city is by foot. I like to walk because it leads me to unexpected places. I’m also a penny pincher sometimes so if I have the time and I can save a some money by walking, I’ll do it.

So I walked, I ate, and I shopped. The Highline was probably my favourite part of my trip. Even though I went in autumn and there was barely any green left, I can only imagine how nice it must be during summer (another reason for me to back to NY). It’s also really nice to walk along and see the streets of New York from a slightly higher perspective. Makes for nice photos hehehe. The only other place of interest that I had time to visit (unless you would like to hear about my visit to UNIQLO in search of warm tights or when I was at MUJI and had to stop myself from buying everything) was the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. Plenty of thrift and second hand booths all along 39th street. I didn’t buy anything but when my only mode of transportation for the day is walking, I tend to browse a lot.

I got a lot of time to myself and came back refreshed and ready to get back into the grind. The perfect weekend trip!