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Oh mother…

A conversation between my mom and dad that I overheard in the early afternoon while I was still in bed sleeping late.

Ma: I’m gonna go check on her.

Ba: Why? She slept late last night and doesn’t need to wake up early, it’s no wonder she’s still in bed.

Ma: Yes, but when she sleeps this much you have to check on her once in a while and make sure she’s not dead!

She’s so blunt.

Oh mother…

So I ripped a fairly large hole in my pants in the awkward crotch area yesterday and only noticed by the time I got home. Yes, this is how I’m going to start this blog post. I could have spent the whole day with a hole in my pants but that’s not the point of this rambling.

Not wanting to throw them away and since my mom is good at sewing, I asked her to patch it up for me. So she asks me…

Ma: Do you want a matching patch for your jeans or a contrasting patch?

Moi: A contrasting patch?

Ma: Yeah, like little flowers or polka dots or a bright coloured fabric?

Moi: Why would I want a contrasting patch on my jeans, especially between my legs?

Ma: Wasn’t it a kinda trend? Contrasting fabrics on jeans. 

Moi: Not in the crotch area, I don’t want people noticing what’s between my legs!

Ma: But it’ll look like you’re wearing pretty underwear…

Sometimes I don’t know if she’s joking or she’s serious.