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DIY inspired by… | Tillandsia planter


Friends who are moving and housewarmings are an ideal reason for me to try out a few DIYs. Cause it’s nice to give a gift that’s handmade. And also it can be cheaper than typical home furnishings and kitchen appliances, as well as being more personalized than just a bottle of wine.
This year, I knew a lot of people who were moving and many of them like plants. So, since it was nearing the end of summer, I figured they’d like adding some green to their house now that the green outside was fading with the coming fall. However, the friends I knew who really like plants have a bit of trouble taking care of them sometimes. (Limp and dried up succulents is a very sad sight) So I gifted them with easy to take care of apartment plants. The first being Tillandsias! But since air plants don’t need soil or potting, it looks a bit odd to just have them on a table. So here’s how I made an easy hanging planter for Tillandsias.

20151007_DIY_AirPlantHanger_01 20151007_DIY_AirPlantHanger_BeadKnot

1 | Materials

  • Cotton braided rope (Mine was 5mm thickness)
  • 1 Wooden ring (~5cm in diameter)
  • 1 Wooden bead (~8mm diameter hole)*
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers*
    * These are optional and the planter can be made without them.

    2 | Beaded loop knot

    First, take your rope and fold it in half. Take the roped loop and feed it through the bead, then take the loose ends of the rope and pass them through loop. Don’t pull it tight yet. Take the roped loop and feed it through the bead one more time. Use the tweezers if you have trouble getting it out. Pull it tight and adjust the loop and you’ll have a roped loop with a stopper bead to hang your planter from.
    I added the wooden bead mainly cause I already had them for another project. But if you don’t have wooden beads, you can simply fold your rope in half and make a knot to create the loop. Works just as well.
    | Steps for the beaded loop knot |

    20151007_DIY_AirPlantHanger_HitchKnot 20151007_DIY_AirPlantHanger_02

    3 | Clove hitch knot

    Take your wooden ring and the loose ends of your rope. Decide how long you want your planter to be, and then tie both loose rope ends to the wooden ring with clove hitch knots. Make sure to start off your knot from the inside of the ring out. That way knot will lay more nicely on the outside of the ring where we can see it. Once you finish your first knot, pay extra attention to knotting the second rope end at the same distance as the first so that your ring isn’t lopsided.
    | Steps for the clove hitch knot | Another explanation of the clove hitch knot |


    4 | Adjust your knots

    Once both your clove hitch knots are tied, adjust them on the wooden ring so that they’re across from each other, this is to make sure you’re planter won’t be unbalanced.
    20151007_DIY_AirPlantHanger_03 20151007_DIY_AirPlantHanger_04

    5 | Make sure it’s straight

    To make sure your planter isn’t lopsided, pull the top and bottom ends and check to see if the wooden ring is straight. If it isn’t, just loosen the knots a bit and adjust.

    6 | One last knot

    Tie the loose ends of the rope into a simple knot at whatever length you’d like, then trim off some of the rope with your scissors if you think it’s too long.
    20151007_DIY_AirPlantHanger_05 20151007_DIY_AirPlantHanger_06

    7 | Add some fringe

    Use your tweezers to fray the ends of the rope to create some fringe. You can also do this with your hands and pick at the rope’s strands to unravel it, but it’s much faster with tweezers, a needle, or even a pen that doesn’t work. As long as it has a sharp pointy end that can go through the strands.

    8 | Fluff it up

    And now you’re done! Just fluff up your fringe to make it more full and place your air plant in it’s new home.

    This is a really simple DIY, and honestly all you need is the rope, the ring, and knowing how to to a clove hitch knot. Once you have that figured out, you can modify it to make it however you want. You could paint the wooden pieces with color, use ribbon instead of rope, omit the fringe and add a charm instead. Try it out and make it your own!